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Frequently Asked Questions About Assisted Living At Tower One/Tower East

What is Assisted Living?
Assisted Living is a concept that represents a housing choice for seniors that bridges the gap between totally independent living and nursing home living. It is a perfect choice for those seniors who simply need a “little” extra help in order to remain independent. Assisted living residences, such as Tower One/Tower East, provide additional services, often on a “menu” basis for the resident, that may include the provision of meals, housekeeping, assistance with bathing and dressing, or medication monitoring. All residents at Tower One/Tower East enjoy their own apartments, as well as common areas for communal and social events.

How do I or my family members know when I am ready for assisted living?
Only you can answer that question. Often, however, the move to an assisted living resident is created by need and is driven by a particular event or crisis, such as a fall, the loss of a spouse, a recent hospital stay, and the like. Others, however, make plans to situate themselves to avoid the need to move in a crisis situation. We can provide you with an informational booklet from the Connecticut Assisted Living Association (CALA) that also addresses these issues. 

What does it cost to live at the Towers?
Tower One/Tower East offers seniors the opportunity to enjoy affordable assisted living. Rental and dining fees range from $1,207.00 to $2,130.00 monthly, depending on the size of your apartment and number of occupants (one or two).
All apartments at Tower East and many in Tower One are available for HUD Section 8 Rental Assistance. Residents eligible for participation in the HUD program are required to pay a maximum of 30 percent of his or her income for rent. The remaining 70 percent of the rent is paid for by HUD federal subsidy funds.

What assisted living services are currently available at Tower One/Tower East?
Residents at Tower One / Tower East have long had access to assisted living services provided through a contractual agreement between Tower One / Tower East and Masonicare Assisted Living Services, a state licensed Assisted Living Service Agency (ALSA). Masonicare maintains an on-site office staffed by nurses and aides able to provide medication supervision, assistance with bathing or dressing, or other personal care and household needs.

What will the renovation project at Tower One/Tower East mean to its assisted living residents?
The renovation at Tower One means that residents living in the new apartments will be able to enjoy fully accessible apartments and “lounges” on each floor for social activities. The renovation is designed to meet the social, health and physical needs of assisted living residents.

Do we sign a lease? For how long? Is there an up-front fee for admission?
Unlike many other retirement communities, Tower One/Tower East is a mission-driven, nonprofit organization. There is no “up-front fee” for admission as a resident.

You do, however, sign a lease just as you would at any rented apartment or retirement community. Leases are generally renewed on an annual basis for as long as the resident chooses to remain in his/her apartment. Residents often remain at Tower One/Tower East for many years, truly creating their own retirement home.

Will my day be regimented?
Only as much or as little as you would like. Some residents maintain a totally independent lifestyle; others take full advantage of the activities and social services that are available daily at the Towers.

Can spouses share an apartment?
Of course.

What if I need emergency assistance in the middle of the night?
Then you shall have it. Tower One / Tower East provides on-site staff 24 hours a day; to respond to emergency needs. Emergency call for aid pull cords are in all bedrooms and bathrooms.

What if I need additional assistance after entering Tower One / Tower East? Will I have to go to a nursing home?
Assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) – bathing, dressing, and ambulation -- is available seven days a week.  Assistance in other areas, such as laundry, housekeeping, or socialization, can be provided on an as-needed basis.
You, your family members, and your health care team can best determine if or when nursing home care is required. Assisted living, however, often provides the answer to a premature move to a nursing home.

Will I still use my own doctor?
If you want to. However, the Hospital of St. Raphael’s ElderCare Program provides primary health care for Tower residents wishing to avail themselves of on-site health care.

Are your facilities handicapped-accessible?

Can I bring my pet?
Yes, and that’s one of the real advantages of our community. We know that making a lifestyle change is stressful enough, without adding the additional stress of losing a beloved pet. Many of our residents have cats and small dogs.

Can I come and go as I please?
Of course you can, always with the knowledge that security is provided at our community 24 hours a day. If you drive, residents enjoy reserved parking spaces.

Are different floor plans available? If so, how do they differ?
Yes, there are different floor plans that include comfortable studio, deluxe studios and one-bedroom apartments at Tower One and one- and two-bedroom apartments at Tower East. Depending on availability, you will be shown examples of each style when you tour our community.

Can I have guests or relatives?
Absolutely, in your apartment or in the Towers Café or dining room. If you choose to entertain your guests or relatives in the Towers Café or dining room, you will be responsible for the cost of their meals.

Can I bring my own furniture?
Yes. Our apartments are provided on an unfurnished basis, with the exception of window coverings, carpet, and appliances.  You are encouraged to bring your favorite furnishings from your prior home to create your own new home.

How do I learn more? Can I schedule a tour?
First, review the material you have been sent or take a peek at our community on our website, . Then, come down and visit. See for yourself what an energetic, diverse, vibrant community we have at Tower One/Tower East.

To schedule a tour, contact Rebecca Goodman-Olshansky, our Occupancy Director, at 203.772.1816, ext. 250.